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Hello! My name is Kailin. I love my community, my state, and my country! Combining this love along with my passions for civics and law, I have found community service to be very rewarding. Specifically, anything that pertains to helping build up a generation of informed and involved citizens. I intend to take this theme throughout my life as my career goal is to become a constitutional lawyer. Hopefully, one day I can make a positive impact in the highest court of the land.

Sincerely, Kaitlin



I started "Sincerely, Kaitlin" as a part of my Girl Scout Gold Award to help create civics minded citizens so that our communities and country can become a better place. 

I just love America and what is America? It is the people. How can America be the best it can be if its people do not know how to be good citizens? If each one of us works to become better citizens; then, when we come together to make decisions for our communities, it will lead to much better results. A simple way to accomplish this is Pay Attention, Speak Up, and Get Involved! (PASUGI)

Sincerely, Kaitlin


After high school, I plan on going to college. My goal is to attend a top university, it has been a dream of mine since third grade. I want to become a constitutional lawyer because- as I said before- I love America. I want to continue my passion of helping make America the best it can be throughout my whole life. Who knows, maybe one day I could end up on the Supreme Court!

Sincerely, Kaitlin


For the past 12 years, I have been a Girl Scout. I started in kindergarten and have loved helping out my community. Once, my troop and I fenced in a little section of a local field in order to highlight the natural environment. We made it so people could walk through on a trail or sit on a bench and take in the natural beauty. 

When I was in 8th grade, I won a Patriots Essay competition at my school. The four winners got the privilege of placing a wreath at The Tomb of The Unknown Soldier at Arlington Cemetary. I attached the video below. (I am in the front left.)

Sincerely, Kaitlin